Baby Doge, Corgi Way.

Baby Corgi ready for birth. After having been able to analyze all these companions Baby it is time for the coolest one of the Doge family to show what he can do!
Baby Corgi is looking to impress her family by showing off her new and improved transaction speeds and adorable disposition. A hyper deflationary token with an automatic buyback system, Baby Corgi is ready to become your favorite Baby Coin's favorite Baby Coin

Buy on Pancake Swap

*Set Slippage to 12%


3% Rewards

of every transaction will be splitted among all holders. Which means that you can passively earn tokens by holding them

4% Liquidity

of every transaction is added to liquidity pool wich allow the token to have a more stable price. This will allow for more volume and therefore less volatility

4% Buyback

For every sell there is a buyback. And depends on the community we will release Don Corgi who gonna massively buyback and burn $BABYCORGI

Baby Corgi's Schedule

Marketing for the birth of Baby Corgi
First Airdrop for the birth of the Baby Corgi
1000 telegram members
Develop community
Birth of Baby Corgi!

Influencer marketing push
Listing on CoinGecko
Listing on CMC
5000 holders
Free Techrate audit

10,000 telegram members
Second Big Airdrop
Large influencer marketing push
Listing on minor CEX
More memes from community

15,000 holders
increase marketing
Baby Corgi Swap
Website Redesign
Baby Doge Tracky (Wallet tracker )

Release NFT market place.
Donation for Corgi Association
Full Audit by DessertFinance
Ambassador choice with the community

Token Repartition

1,000,000,000,000,000 Total Supply
20% of total supply burn (Proof)
4% Team Wallet Locked (Proof)
4% Marketing Wallet Vested (Proof)
1% Initial Airdrop

Presale Details

Presale 8th July 6 PM UTC
Hardcap: 150 BNB
Softcap: 125 BNB
Min-Max per person: 0.01 - 2 BNB
Duration: 2 hours

Contract will be communicated 1 hour before presale to avoid botting!


What is Baby Corgi?

Baby Corgi is a community meme token with an automatic redemption mechanism at all holder levels. There is static rewards and auto-liquidity generating mechanism on each transaction.

What is the price of presale ?

Token price of presale will be the same as listing price but without the 10% tax fees.

Is it safe ?

The presale will take place on DxSale a platform that allows to lock automatically the liquidity of the token. The address of the contract will be communicated one hour before the beginning of the presale to avoid botting.
Team tokens are locked and marketing gradually unlocked

What is the total tax fees ?

The total tax fee is 11%. 4% will go to static rewards, 4% will be reserved for auto buyback and burn, 3% will be added in the liquidity. Use 11-12% slippage to be sure to swap your tokens.

What is the total supply ?

Total supply is 1 quadrillion!
Same as Shiba Inu.

How can i buy ?

1. Configure your wallet (Metamask, TWT, etc.)
2. Go on Pancake Swap or click on this link
3. Set the slippage to 12%
4. Confirm the transaction